Self­taught multi­talented artist, Clay Shelburn, has performed on stage since the age of 13. Writing his first song at age 12, he categorizes his current original music as “funktry”: a fusion of funk, rock, blues and country. Garnering recent world-wide viral fame as the “Walmart Rockstar” in 2015, Clay works his way to his fans through his small independent operation. His “silly little video” not only conveys his deep passion for life and music, but also illustrates just how diligently he works at honing his craft to share with his fans. Clay and his team currently spend their time promoting and touring his first full-length album, “defined”,(released October 2015). Clay plans to spend much of 2017 touring/promoting within the US and UK with differing variations of his band: private and intimate acoustic shows all the way up to eight piece arrangements featuring a horn section. Clay’s first foray as a frontman, with his 2010 EP “Brokedown & Blue”, echoes his deep country roots. In between his two releases, Clay spent his time gaining attention as a lead guitarist for many Texas/National artists. He also spent time doing studio work on several different artist’s projects; during this exploration, Clay’s evolution of sound included trading in the fiddle and steel guitar for horns and creative percussive instruments like a slinky. As he travels in 2017 to his new fans, Clay has already begun penning his third release.  He also is exploring musical avenues outside of stage performance.  If he continues his trend of growth, his third crack at original music will continue to evolve as he does.